Call or email for quotes on upgrades. Often times they are very complex and we need to ensure that we get it right for you. Please provide your dongle ID, it is required to generate an accurate quote.

GMG ColorProof, DotProof, FlexoProof V5

$1,400.00 Details

GMG ColorServer V5 Unlimited

$6,900.00 Details

GMG InkOptimizer Sheetfed V5

$9,800.00 Details

GMG ProofControl V2

$1,500.00 Details

GMG SmartProfiler V5 Unlimited

$3,000.00 Details

GMG CheckProof semiMatte 200

$103.00 Details

GMG proofMedia Premium OBA semiMatte 250

$139.00 Details

GMG ProofMedia Premium semiMatte 250

$139.00 Details

GMG proofMedia studio newspaper 76

$79.00 Details

GMG ProofMedia studio transparent 139

$299.00 Details

GMG ProofPaper Gloss 250

$199.00 Details

GMG ProofPaper Matte 140

$80.00 Details