G7 Recertification by our G7 Expert

G7 Expert - G7 Certification - G7 Re-Certification

G7 Re-Certification Services performed by our G7 Expert certified by Idealliance. Additional fees will be due to Idealliance for G7 Master Printer Qualification. You must already be registered as a G7 Master Printer in order to take advantage of this "RECERTIFICATION" package.

This service covers one half day onsite which typically involves recertification of ONE printing press and ONE inkjet proofer.


Give us a call so we can discuss what kind of equipment you have and what your G7 needs might be.

We were part of the 2nd class of G7 Experts to graduate from Idealliance back in 2006. So, we've done as much if not more G7 work than anyone in the country! Let's get you calibrated today!

G7 INFO - We can typically calibrate one offset printing press and one proofer in one full day onsite.

For a sheetfed press, we can usually do a G7 curve for two different substrates. We recommend going with your house coated and house uncoated sheets. Our FULL DAY rate is $1,000.00.

WHAT IS INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS? - It's actually not that difficult. Here's a simple explanation:


  • Generate G7 Press Form plates to be run on press with NO CALIBRATION CURVEs.
  • Establish solid densities of primary colors on this first press run.
  • Measure Idealliance P2P25x Test Charts from first press run.
  • Import Test Chart Data from P2P25x measurements into Chromix Curve 3 software to build G7 curve.
  • Generate G7 Press Form plates to be run on press WITH NEW G7 Calibration Curve.
  • 2nd press run. Run new plates on press to verify that the G7 Curve is doing what it's supposed to do.


That's G7 in a nutshell! It's not rocket science. Don't be fooled by smoke and mirrors. We know of some large companies charging as much as $40,000.00 for this service! We charge our standard daily rate which is very reasonable. The most common scenario has us onsite for 2 FULL DAYS.


That's only $2,800.00 within the Denver Metro area. We look forward to getting you G7 qualified!

Call 720-872-6278 (office) - or Call Bill Owen (G7 Expert) direct at 720-933-4413 (cell)

G7 Recertification by our G7 Expert