Star Proof

Star Proof is an innovative proofing solution to produce high quality screened contract proofs on inkjet printers - quickly and economically. With its Actual Dot system to replicate original screening and dot patterns at proofing resolutions, Star Proof delivers top quality proofs with a hard dot, sharp images, accurate color and fine detail - just as they will ap- pear on the press. And with ROOM proofing architecture to resample the same set of high resolution separations that are sent to the platesetter/imagesetter, Star Proof ensures


• Produce screened contract proofs quickly and economicallly

• Innovative ICS calibration system simulate printing press

• Support ICC profile on top of ICS calibration technology

• Advance Multi Color Shade for calibrating special colors

• Packaging simulation on plate dot characteristics, include: - Dot Lost, Extreme Dot Gain or Misregistration

• Advance Bit Screen option for contone files

• Support latest X-rite Spectrometer

• Efficient remote proofing for faster approvals

• Support wide-range of input formats

• Support ICS Certified option for verifying proof

• FOGRA certified proofing system

Star Proof