Fiery XF 7.2

Now includes EFI 1-Year Software Maintenance AND Support Contract

Precise, productive, profitable print production


Introducingthe Fiery® XF 7 digital front end to your wide or super wideprint production is the easiest way to achieve superior color results, gainmaximum productivity, and profit from business insights — all with theunrivaled power of EFI™ Fiery Command Station digital print jobmanagement.


As a digital print producer, you want the easiest route to the best color andprint quality, produced in the least amount of time. Operators need a workflowsolution that is adaptable to cater for different job types, and allows them toautomate repeat jobs and repetitive tasks. In a successful print facility, youneed to be able to deploy both your technology and your workforce as flexiblyas possible — plus you need to keep learning curves to a minimum. Fiery XF 7delivers all that and more to your wide and super wide print business.


Unrivaled print job management

     Fiery XF 7 comes with anew user experience — EFI Fiery Command WorkStation, the world's most popularinterface for the management, layout, and editing of digital print jobs. Itconveniently connects to multiple Fiery Servers at a time — whether drivinginkjet or cut sheet printers — and connects multiple printers to a single FieryXF server for truly unified print job management through a single interface.The visual Fiery Job Editor allows you to apply job-specific settings on thefly, or to change properties beyond workflow defaults. The Fiery Job Centerdelivers unrivaled print job management, with the same power and usability forboth Microsoft® Windows® and Apple® macOS® users.


Maximum productivity and throughput

    EFI’s exclusive FieryAccelerated System Technology (FAST RIP), now available for Fiery XF users,accelerates file-processing speeds by an average of 5 times. Fiery XF 7 hasautomation levels to suit everyone, and a customizable interface that can betailored to suit the way each individual prefers to operate. Its award-winningcross-platform client interface reduces learning curves, and creates productionefficiencies in mixed technology print rooms resulting in maximum productivityand throughput.


Ultimate color, quality and control

    Proof-grade color controlsand verification mean industry standard compliant color results — no matter theapplication or product being produced. 100% EFI-developed color managementusing ICC technology, combined with sophisticated iterative spot and processcolor optimization routines deliver superior color. Its screening algorithmsare engineered to maximize both print quality and printer performance,providing ultimate color, quality and control, in the least amount of time.


Business-savvy print production

   Fiery XF 7 maximizes printproduction profits by providing business insights, and keeps your printoperation running smoothly and efficiently. Fiery servers are the central hubof the EFI ecosystem connecting to EFI’s MIS or Web-to-Print systems for printroom integration and automation. Combined with EFI’s worldwide and world-classsupport; this results in the most business-savvy digital front-end solutionsavailable.


Stunning, precise, predictable, quality prints

   Accurate Fiery color management, withadvanced spot- and process-color optimization offers you the best possiblecolor output each and every time — without time-consuming trial-and-error colorcorrection or complicated device link profiles.


Support for the latest industry standards

   Fiery XF is fully compliant with thelatest ISO, G7 or Fogra PSD standards. So you get accurate and predictableresults.


Flexible, scalable and future-proof investment

   An EFI™ Software Maintenance and SupportAgreement is included for the first year with your purchase. You get phonesupport and an ongoing stream of software releases, including the latest devicedrivers, plus all minor and major product upgrades at no additional charge.


Product Options



Cut Marks Option


   Save time and money whiledecreasing waste. The Cut Marks Option generates and places cut marks into yourjobs, and can also extract multiple cut paths from them. The option candirectly connect to the Zünd Cut Center that ensures a reliable cut workflow byeliminating errors and automating time-consuming tasks. This option alsoincludes iCut level 1 and 2 output for maximum flexibility and connectivity toany compatible third party cutting application.


Cut Server Option

   This automated solution,powered by SAi technology, supports over 1,300 cutting devices and routingtables from more than 80 different manufacturers, saving you precious time byeliminating the need to work with different software for each cutter type. TheCut Server Option increases your productivity by connecting together yourprinted output and finishing processes. It lets you run up to 4 cut servers,which in total allows you to drive up to 8 cutting engines in parallel to meetthose tight turnaround times. Best of all, the option is easy-to-use andconfigure; anyone can use it, regardless of their experience level. 


Color Profiler Option

   Gain color precision,consistency and accuracy with the Color Profiler Option based on the renownedFiery Color Profiler Suite. The advanced tool set provides quick and easy ICCand device link profile creation that produces the highest quality resultsevery time, increasing your customer satisfaction. The option enables you toinspect, edit and optimize profiles plus compare profile gamuts giving youultimate control over your color output.


Color Verifier Option

   The Color Verifier Optionbrings quality control to your environment enabling employees anywhere to workwith the same colors, and produce consistent color output every time. Thisflexible option supports a variety of measuring devices and industry standardcontrol strips, plus EFI's unique Dynamic Wedge™ technology for job-specificcolor verification. You can check your results against ISO standards, or yourown quality standards by defining individual tolerances and values. It can alsocut your distribution costs by serving as a reliable remote proofing andprinting solution.


Output Options


Printer Options M, XL and XXL

   Printer Options M, XL andXXL support many inkjet printers. Printer Option M supports A3/A2 printers witha printing width of up to and including 18". Printer Option XL caters forprinters with a printing width of up to and including 24", while PrinterOption XXL is for printers with a printing width of 25" and over. TheFiery XF Production and Proofing packages include a Printer Option M-XXL. Youcan add other printer and output options at any time. 


 PrinterOption Wide Format / Super Wide Format


  • These Printer Options supports a continuously increasing numberof wide to super wide format printers from many manufactures such as HP, Durstand NUR.