adJUST Monitor Calibration V5 software

Software for calibrating and profiling all kinds of monitors (CRT, LCD, Notebooks) and projectors. Fully automatic hardware calibration for suited monitors. True sRGB calibration curve for web design and video. CIECAM02-calibration including ambient lighting. Easy to use with predefined calibration and profiling settings (ISO 3664 and ISO 12646, Office, PrePress, Photography, Video, WebDesign). Possibility of defining calibration parameters not only for white luminance but also for black luminance and/or contrast ratio. Supports all instruments of adequate quality (colorimeter and spectrophotometer). v2 or v4 profiles, 16-bit LUT-based or matrix profiles visual and numerical validation of calibration and profiling results. Possibility of editing white point and gradation and saving the edited calibration into the profile. System requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher, Windows® 2000 SP3 or Windows® XP. Color monitor (res. 1024 x 768), video card 24 bit.