Pantone Plus Color Bridge Guide Uncoated

Color Bridge Uncoated

SKU: GG6104N

The most versatile tool for graphics and digital designers, Color Bridge Uncoated provides a side-by-side visual comparison of Pantone spot colors versus their closest CMYK process printing match, along with corresponding CMYK, Hex, and RGB values. Use Color Bridge Uncoated for digital design, animation, and packaging when CMYK printing on uncoated paper is required.


  • Portable, handheld fan deck on uncoated paper
  • Printed to ISO Certification so colors can be consistently reproduced 
  • Printed on the most commonly used uncoated paper stock weight (80lb)
  • Lighting Indicator page demonstrates when lighting conditions are suitable for color evaluation


  • Illustrates quickly and easily through visual comparison how close CMYK printing can match to Pantone
  • All PMS colors shown side-by-side with their CMYK, RGB, and Hex equivalents
  • 1,845 spot colors, including 112 new colors released in 2016
  • Colors arranged in chromatic format, with 112 new colors displayed in the front
  • Index in the back of the guide provides the numeric location for each color

Product Application

  • Use for digital design, animation, and packaging when CMYK process printing is required
  • Visually compares Pantone spots colors side-by-side with their process printing equivalents
  • The only guide that offers both HTML and RGB values for Pantone graphics spot colors