pressSIGN 11 Digital


pressSIGN 11 Digital

pressSIGN-Digital is low cost version for those who want to measure a sheet, compare against a target of their choice and adjust the curves in a digital RIP if needed.

Create print standards based on internationally recognised targets or your own customised settings. Lock the standard and export the target to your print supplier. Measure a printed sheet to check the print quality against the standard you have set.

pressSIGN 11 Digital main features

  • Scores the measurement against the print target giving a colour coded overall score
  • Print targets - all international standards supported with fully customisable tolerances and scoring
  • Dryback compensation (wet ink or finishing processes) ensures the job matches
  • Spot colours - includes PANTONE™ libraries or create custom libraries with up to 12 spots in a job
  • SCCA adjusts targets to visually match on any colour substrate
  • Curves for digital RIPs and Colour Servers like Caldera, EFI, Onyx and ZePra using TVI, 4CX or GRACoL G7

Why brands choose pressSIGN printers

Many of the world's largest brands insist their suppliers use pressSIGN for a number of important reasons. We recommend that brands ask their supplier to take a measurement of the pressSIGN colour bar every ten minutes during the print run, mark them up and keep these measured sheets in the job bag for up to 3 months. The sheets can then be sent to the brand and double checked for conformity using pressSIGN-Digital. For most jobs this won't be necessary as the buyer can rely on the pressSIGN production report to certify how the job was printed.

You can set spot colours from the built-in PANTONE™ libraries or create your own spot colour libraries and export the library to your print suppliers.

pressSIGN 11 Digital