TrapPro for Navigator Harlequin RIPS

In-RIP automated trapping option 

Trapping color jobs, whether 4-color process or multiple spot colors, can be labor intensive and time consuming. Xitron’s Navigator RIP offers an optional in-RIP trapping engine called TrapPro™that reduces or eliminates both labor and time from the trapping process.PostScript 3® interpreter, Navigator is fully compatible with the most popular software packages used in the graphic arts industry today. Whether your production requires throughput of PostScript, PDF, TIFF, EPS, or even PDF/X, Navigator supports you.


TrapPro uses an object-based, raster-aware engine that delivers outstanding performance and excellent memory utilization. This trapping engine uses the Device-Oriented Display List generated by the Navigator RIP to determine trap positions. This allows the system to trap everything the RIP renders with pixel accuracy and great speed.

TrapPro runs automatically as the jobs are sent to the RIP. The Navigator RIP saves trap settings for use in different page setups, reducing operator prep time and providing increased automation. Using the Navigator RIP Manager, users can preview (softproof) the results prior to committing the job to film or plate. TrapPro has features top printers and publishers demand including mitered ends and joins, sliding traps, feathered traps, small object protection and more. 


Features & Benefits


  • Easy to use - set trap parameters via a simple dialog box
  • Automated in-RIP trapping - Increase quality and reduce operator time and involement
  • Fast - Increase productivity by trapping in the RIP
  • Preview traps - with the Navigator Workflow Server Client software, traps may be automatically previewed before sending job for output
  • Unsurpassed quality - Accurate trapping reliably and dependably


TrapPro Functions


  • Object and Vector Trapping
  • CMYK Traps
  • Auto-chokes Super Blacks ensuring that super black objects maintain a sharp, crisp edge.
  • Spot Color Traps
  • Special Ink Handling—metallics and varnishes.
  • Vector to Raster Trapping
  • PostScript 3 Trapping commands
  • Raster to Raster trapping
  • Sliding Traps—Avoid abrupt shifts creating smooth transitions in trapping gradients/vignettes.
  • Narrowed/Proportional Traps—Preserve all thin design elements.
  • Image Mask Support—Correctly trap masked images to avoid "lines" on mis-registration.
  • Small Object Protection—Protects small text and graphic elements.
  • Mitered Ends and Joins—Traps that taper or narrow to avoid unsightly artifacts.
  • 1-bit TIFFS
  • Multiple Trap Zones on one page
  • PDF 1.7 transparency trapping
  • Feathered Traps—Soft edge or feathered traps produce less visible trap lines.
  • Anamorphic Traps


TrapPro for Navigator Harlequin RIPS