Chromix ColorThink Pro Software & Crossgrades

CHROMiX ColorThink™ Pro ColorThink Pro Mac offers enhancements to 3D color graphing and ICC color profile analysis. Also included is a ground-breaking Color Worksheet tool for workflow modeling and color analysis, and the new ColorCast profile technology.

A color managed workflow involves multiple color conversions using several ICC profiles. If the resulting colors are not satisfactory, it can be difficult and confusing to isolate each color conversion and determine where the problem lies. The Color Worksheet allows the user to lay out the workflow graphically and use images or color measurements to illustrate where the problem lies. Any list of profiles (including device, abstract and link types) can be bonded together to create device link abstract or standard device profiles.

Linking existing device profiles to other profiles is a radical and powerful new technology called ColorCast that offers solutions to several sticky color problems. ColorCast profiles capture complex color transformations such as proofing a 6-channel press and embed them inside regular workingspace and device profiles which can be used anywhere.

Tying all of this together is the ColorSmarts Guide. A combination automator and teacher, the ColorSmarts Guide is like having a color consultant standing over your shoulder. Select from over 20 tests that are built into the Guide, and it will perform them for you and present the results as a graph, worksheet or delta-E report.

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Chromix ColorThink Pro Software & Crossgrades