Techkon SpectroDens

The three product configurations come with the measurement device, charging, console with integrated white standard, AC adapter with universal plugs, device case, USB-cable, CD with SpectroDens Connect, manual with ISO 9000 certfi cate 

The new SpectroDens series is the result of many years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality measurement devices for the print and graphics industry. We applied four decisive principles:

1. Easy and quick operation

2. High measurement accuracy

3. Robust engineering and reliability

4. Ergonomic design

A measurement device for all applications

Using measurement technology for quality assurance in print is a universally accepted practice these days. SpectroDens is your all-purpose, modern measurement device. Whether it be in pre-print for verifying proofs, for ongoing quality control at the printing press, during delivery inspection of paper and print products or in a color lab, SpectroDens is exceptionally suitable, whatever your application. Thanks to the individually adjustable display functions, you can quickly set up the device for your particular job.

Two devices in one

The product name alone suggests the multiple uses of the device. As a spectro-densitometer, SpectroDens combines the qualities of a highly accurate spectro-photometer and an easy-to-use densitometer. Measurement is spectral, i.e. the entire color information - the spectral fingerprint of the color - is precisely registered. The measured spectral data is converted into measurement data for descriptive analysis and display:

  • Densitometric data is widely used in quality control during the printing process.
  • Colorimetric data is used in the evaluation of print proofs, the creation of color profiles in color management and the color matching and formulation of inks.


A push of a button provides you with solid density as well as all useful additional information such as dot gain, dot area, gray balance and print contrast. In the automatic measurement mode the device always displays the relevant information instantly. You can even quickly and easily produce complete characteristic printing curves. The spectral measurement technology calculates not only density values for CMYK, but also exact data for the density of spot colors.


All standard colorimetric functions are displayed clearly. Even the entire L*a*b*- color circle appears in the display. Reference colors and complete digital color books can be saved in the color library.

Standardized measurement

The device works strictly according to the standards valid for the graphic industry. Select different status filters for density measurement among the device settings. A special technical feature is the polarization filter which can be activated via the push of a button.

Apart from the standard aperture with a 3 mm diameter, we also offer easily exchangeable apertures with 1.5 x 1.5 and 2.5 x 1 mm which are particularly suitable for measuring small color bars. Even an UV-Cut filter can be inserted.

SpectroDens is particularly good at evaluating the Ugra/fogra media wedge because the device toggles between colorimetric measurement without polarization filter and density measurement with filter at the push of a button.

The solid design makes SpectroDens a reliable tool for quality assurance also in harsh environments. Easy positioning on the measurement field ensures secure and quick measurement.


We supply SpectroDens in three types of performance packages: The model Basic with the essential density functions, the Advanced version which adds extended densitometry functions, colorimetry and a color library and as the flagship model the comprehensive Premium device. You can upgrade the devices post-purchase to higher performance levels by program upload.

Measurement technology: Spectral remission measurement and color density determination to ISO 5-3/4

Measurement geometry: 0/45° optics to DIN 5033

Spectral range: 400 to 700 nm in 10 nm steps

Measurement aperture:

  • 3 mm round standard
  • 1,5 x 1,5 mm, exchangeable (accessory)
  • 2,5 x 1 mm, exchangeable (accessory)

Light source: Gas-filled lamp type A illumination

Polarization filter: Twice linear crossed, Switched on and off per button release

Measurement time: Approx.1 second per measurement

White reference:

  • Absolute and relative
    Absolute white standard integrated and protected in charging console

Illumination types /Standard Observer: A,C,D50,D65 / 2° ,10°

Density filter: DIN 16536, DIN 16536 NB, ISO/ANSI T, ISO/ANSI I, ISO E, Dmax (Advanced and Premium models only)

Density measurement range: 0.00 D - 2.50 D


0,01 D
0,03 CIE dEab

Inter-instrument agreement:

0,01 D
0,3 CIE dEab

Display: High-contrast, non-reflecting, LCD-graphic display, 240 x 160 pixels, 16 gray levels, contrast adjustable

Power supply: Rechargeable NiMH battery, regulated recharge via charging console with A/C adapter, 100 -240 V,47-63 Hz, Approx.10,000 measurements per battery charge, Battery level control

Communication-Port: USB

Weight: 520 grams

Dimensions: 190 x 65 x 56 mm

Small apertures
Print control strip TCS Film
Print control strip TCS Digital


SpectroDens Basic
+ Automatic measurement
+ Density CMYK
+ Dot area,dot gain
+ Gray and color balance
+ Ink trapping to Preucil
+ Print contrast

SpectroDens Advanced
as the Basic model, but also features:
+ Spectral density for spot colors
+ Characteristic printing curve
+ Slur/doubling value
+ Dot area to Yule-Nielsen
+ Ink trapping to Brunner and Ritz
+ Density spectrum
+ CIE Lab, dEab, XYZ, color circle
+ Remission spectrum
+ Color library

SpectroDens Premium
as the Advanced model, but also features:
+ CIE LChab, xyY, Luv, LCHuv, DIN Lab99
+ dE94, dE2000, dE99, dEcmc, dEuv
+ Metamery index
+ Whiteness,yellowness
+ Pass-/fail tolerance, average